What is Axie Infinity? Eveyrhing About Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a cryptocurrency for crypto lovers who want to both play and win. NFTs, which represent non-tradable tokens that have fallen like a bombshell into the cryptocurrency world, continue to grow without slowing down. These crypto collections, which include various artworks and videos, are almost on the agenda. Cryptolovers buy and earn money by fighting cute monsters.

We can define Axie Infinity as a online game that based on blockchain technology in which users purchase NFTs of the game’s attractive monsters and then fight one other. Players can earn SLP tokens during the game and exchange them for money. Users both play the game and have the opportunity to exchange the coins they earn during the game and turn it into an income. This is one of the most important points that makes Axie Infinity attractive. Perhaps the most important of the game’s aims is that it fuels the “play-win” movement.

As NFTs touched the mainstream, Sky Mavis Studio’s promising crypto game Axie Infinity emerged. And as the broader NFT market cooled a bit, Axie Infinity got bigger. It has an average of 350,000 active users, with about 40% of users in the Philippines, and the next two largest markets are the United States and Venezuela. Although the money earned is sometimes just enough to pay the bills, many players in the Philippines can make a living playing this game.


Axie Infinity is a monster fighting game where you pit teams of cute furry monsters called Axies against each other in battles, which players train, train, use to complete challenges, and battle online. The game uses Ronin, a sidechain that helps reduce transaction fees and latency, to run on the Ethereum chain. So, this game primarily focuses on battles against computer-controlled Axie teams or live opponents over the internet.

The object of the game is to obtain SLPs, called smooth love potions, which can then be used to craft new worlds that can be deployed within the game. SLPs double as cryptocurrencies that can be traded on a crypto exchange. Top players are reportedly earning 1,500 SLP (approximately US$435) per day from their own plots. However, as you can guess from the crypto world, the price of SLPs against the US dollar can change constantly and quite quickly. Unlike traditional in-game items, NFTs give ownership to the buyer. This means you can trade Axies for real money on the game’s market.



As you know, Axie Infinity is built entirely around NFT elements and currently there is no way to play unless you have purchased the three Axie NFTs needed to build your first team. You can purchase from the official Axie market through your Ronin wallet that you will link to the game. You can play the game on Mac, Android, PC or iOS and put your Axies into battles to earn rewards. Axie Infinity is a game that rewards players for more time and effort spent.

Recently, the value of this cryptocurrency has increased tenfold. (10x)

There is another cryptocurrency associated with this game called Axie Infinity Shard (AXS). Investors in AXS have voting rights in the management of this game and can also use it to get a share of the community treasury. AXS has also seen an impressive increase in recent weeks, increasing nearly sixfold. And this increase has made it known as ‘the biggest gaming cryptocurrency on the market’.

The game has attracted the attention of cryptographers with the regulations and new developments. It is thought that similar games will take place in the market in the near future. Most games have been able to maintain an online community in the past, but Axie Infinity has added the ability to generate financial benefits here, and playtowin games will potentially lead to a much more successful community in the future.

Although currently in early access, Axie is ranked as the number one Ethereum game by daily, weekly and monthly active users. Axie has generated more than 6,400 ETH (2 million + USD) so far. Axie is a fun game, but also takes on the characteristics of a social networking and business platform, as it is played to win the opportunities arising from its strong community and rapid success. The key distinction between Axie and other games is that Axie employs a blockchain-based economic model to compensate participants for their contributions to the ecosystem.



This new game model is called “play to win”. During the Covid pandemic, Axie attracted thousands of participants from poor countries looking for a new money stream. Majority of these players are old and never used Blockchain technology before.

By gaining more experience points, the winner can raise an Axie’s stats or improve body parts. Axies can be combined to produce new and unique puppies that can be used or sold on the Axie market.

Axie Infinity Shards are the unique management tokens of the Axie Infinity network (AXS). These are used to vote in crucial management decisions and give owners a role in how the Axie Community treasury funds are used. Axie Infinity is a digital pet cosmos with an open-ended structure. In keeping with the community, the Axie core team will create functionality for game assets associated with the Axie brand.



Axie was created as an entertaining and instructive approach to teach the world to blockchain technology. Many of the founding team members met while playing Crypto kitties and were the first to use Blockchain for anything other than mere guesswork. Soon after, they started working on Axie to introduce the effective power of Blockchain technology to billions of players.

The Axie vision is based on a belief in a future where work and play are one. They empower their players and provide them with economic opportunities. Most importantly, he advocates having a dream that fighting cute creatures in the game and collecting items can change the world.

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