Jobs That Artificial Intelligence Cannot Destroy

Jobs that Artificial Intelligent software cannot destroy; that is a fear, which is being debated in our society today. There are many experts out there on this topic of Artificial Intelligent computer systems, with one group claiming that they cannot be harmed and the other group saying that they might cause future problems, if they are programmed wrong. So which side are you on; which do you stand on; Jobs that Artificial Intelligence can’t destroy? In the next few minutes you will find out the answer to that question and more. Please consider all this. Think on it.

Some believe that Artificial Intelligent Computer Systems could someday take over jobs that were previously held by humans; computer programmer, and computer technicians for instance. Now then, do not get me wrong, I am not suggesting that such things would happen; but how about in the future; when they have the technology to program them to do it anyway? Then who would those human jobs go to; and what would be the new jobs they would be qualified for? This is a great question and we have a lot of people concerned with that right now.

Artificial Intelligence and Sports team

Now then; let us say in a future scenario; you may want to own a major league sports team or maybe even own your own small local sports team. In this future scenario you will need team sport equipment, coaches, uniforms, equipment, and lots of trainers too. Now then; there is a good possibility that you could be sued by the players or other owners of the teams you own if your artificially intelligent system violates the rights of any current players or owners of the teams. For instance, if you do not allow them to use certain techniques or if you do not allow them to do certain things, and the players start harmlessly using the equipment you will be open to a lawsuit from the players or their estates. Is that a scary thought; yes it is.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) If you own an NFL team

Now then; if you were the owner of an NFL team; are you willing to walk away from a potential lawsuit; and it is possible that you could be sued by your players? If so; how much money would you have to spend on lawyers and other legal fees? What would be your chances of walking away from all this? You see, if you were able to complete the project; it will create many jobs for scientists and researchers; thus creating more jobs and revenue for America.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Olympic swimming pool

Now then; suppose you were an Olympic-sized swimming pool; and you had this amazing artificial intelligent robotic android swimmer in the pool with you at all times. Now, what if the robotic android decided one day that he did not want to stay in the swimming pool, and instead wanted to come out into the real world; and you were given the choice of letting him go or keeping him inside the tank? Which option would you choose; keeping him in the tank or letting him go? It is pretty interesting what we are talking about here; isn’t it?

If you were an employer who had a small business; which was hiring mostly foreign labor; would you choose a native English speaking robot or one that felt foreign words? Would you rather pay a little more for an artificially intelligent system that could speak ten different languages; or hire a native American who could only speak Spanish? The point here is that we need to look at the future and prepare for it. And one of the best ways of preparing for the future is by creating more jobs with AI; therefore creating more jobs in the United States of America and in your country too.

Therefore, let me ask you; are you prepared for a time when computers will be as smart as humans? Do you think that you may have a need for artificial intelligent robots one day? Do you think we may be able to transform our economy by having a system that is smarter than human workers? Well if we do not prepare for this new technology which is already in the works; things are going to get pretty bad very quickly. Therefore I am asking you all; are you ready for the future?

Are you willing to embrace new technologies? Are you willing to learn how artificial intelligence can make our lives easier? Are you prepared to embrace the future and build a system that is better than humans at jobs? This is what will make the future exciting, because the future of jobs is now!

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