Holo coin is an altcoin which is on the radar of a lot of investors. Crypto-traders were happy with Bitcoin before the coup and suffered a big blow after, but nowadays they started to look for new areas for investment.

Holo (HOT) is one of the decentralized cryptocurrencies, and its system Holochain is an alternative and more effective distributed ledger technology solution to blockchain. This altcoin can be defined as a structure that does not require the use of blockchain technology. The system was first tested in 2016 and released 2 years later in 2018. Holo (HOT) coin is one of the cryptocurrencies used in Holo swap transactions.


It can be easily said that HOT also participated in the rising wave of all cryptocurrencies. In the last 24 hours, in line with the market, the price of HOT increased by 4.20%.

On the other hand, as of the writing of the article, it is seen that HOT is trading at $0.0115 and on August 11, the price has risen to $0.0122. It is thought that the most important level for HOT in the current charts is the $0.012 band, and with the breakout at this level, the price can go up to $0.02.

In addition, according to the statements of analysts, HOT must experience great buying pressure to reach the record level of $0.0315.



Holo (HOT) coin was founded by two experienced software developers. The founders of Metacurrency.org, Arthur Brock and Eric Harris-Braun, have implemented Holo coin as a project in a short time. Holo is an altcoin that is still being developed.

Holo was first developed five years ago, and launched about 24 months later. The first launch date of the HOT altcoin is 2018. Holo coin is a rapidly developing crypto currency since it was released. According to the statement made by Holo, Holo will never be removed from the market and will always continue to be used in swap transactions for money transfers. Cryptocurrency experts consider Holo coin still in development and it is expected to continue in development until the end of 2021.


Holo intends to upend the whole blockchain/crypto sector. It is developing an alternative platform to the current cryptocurrency paradigm. Instead of everyone having the same blockchain or ledger, it distributes the blockchain on a peer-to-peer basis. This now overcomes the consensus blockchain platforms’ “basic scalability challenge.”

Each agent or “host” serves as a storage site as well as a blockchain/app site on its own. This allows them to acquire holo tokens, or HOT, which are redeemable credits.

Holo, on the other hand, describes itself as a “cloud hosting market for distributed apps.” It enables each “agent” or “node,” such as a single Holo user, to run their own blockchain.



Holochain is an open source platform for creating peer-to-peer applications that are fully distributed.

Holochain apps are hundreds of times more adaptable, durable, scalable, and efficient than blockchain apps. It doesn’t require token or mining. Holochain provides humans to interact with one another by agreeing to a shared set of rules rather than relying on any authority to enforce or unilaterally change those rules. Peer-to-peer interaction means you own and control your data, rather than having it collected, sold, or lost by a third party.

Data ownership also opens up new avenues for user agency, allowing you to do more with your information. Truly personal AI purpose is to serve people, rather than the corporation that created it. Composable and adaptable applications become viable when the user is at the center.

Currency is optional in Holochain, which works best when issuance comes through peer-to-peer acts such as ratings or double-entry bookkeeping. Holochain can also be used for various purposes like social networks, rating systems and supply chains.

What is the mechanism behind it? In a nutshell, Holochain combines BitTorrent and Git principles, as well as cryptographic signatures, peer validation, and gossip.

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