Elon Musk Tweets are Very Effective On Coins !

Famous businessman Elon Musk continues to speculate on the crypto money markets. Elon Musk is undoubtedly one of the people who use Twitter most actively! However, although Elon Musk’s use of Twitter is sometimes positive when combined with the world of crypto money, unfortunately, in general, not very promising results. If you remember, in the past months, Elon Musk has caused the value of Bitcoin to drop very seriously with his posts on Twitter. Musk, who was not content with this and continued to make statements about the world of crypto money on Twitter, announced that the real war took place between cryptocurrencies and traditional currencies and that he supported cryptocurrencies in this war.

Businessman Elon Musk, known for his tweets that cause sharp price movements in the crypto money markets, caused prices to rise again with his latest tweet.

Attitude Towards Bitcoin

Musk maintains his negative attitude towards Bitcoin. His attitude towards the unlimited number of Dogecoins is always supportive! Elon Musk, who stopped selling Tesla cars with Bitcoin, criticized Bitcoin for causing mining with non-environmental methods. Afterward, he decided to meet with cryptocurrency miners and establish a council.


Elon Musk Appeals To A Large Community!

Elon Musk is known for posting his thoughts on Twitter. Elon Musk, who has more than 60 million Twitter followers, has a big platform like Twitter to share his thoughts. Elon Musk’s tweets about cryptocurrencies have caused the markets to rise or fall in the past. However, the famous businessman is accepted on social media as his fans like his regular posts!

Elon Musk Continues To Manipulate the Crypto Market!

Elon Musk once again steered the crypto money market with a tweet. Elon Musk’s “Floki has arrived” note, which posted a photo of his ‘Shiba Inu’ puppy lying on the floor on his Twitter account, aroused investors. Among the investors who perceived the post shared by Musk as a message, Floki increased the value of the unknown cryptocurrencies. Recently, the Floki Inu currency has reached an all-time high.


Friends Dropped On Each Other

Bitcoin opened up between Elon Musk, who is friends with Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of the crypto exchange Binance. While Zhao set billionaire businessman Elon Musk as his target, he also cited Tesla cars as an example. Even if it’s not about cryptocurrencies, Elon Musk’s use of Twitter has also, in some cases, caused him legal trouble! Because it turned out that Tesla CEO Elon Musk violated the agreement he made with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, aka the SEC. According to the documents, it was claimed that Elon Musk’s tweets were violated twice with the use of Twitter, and the company’s lawyers had to get approval a long time ago. Although the situation has been going like this for a while on the side of Musk, Twitter and cryptocurrencies, this trend has started to change now. Until recently, almost every Tweet sent by the CEO of the big company about cryptocurrencies was enough to completely change the industry. Elon Musk’s latest tweets really had no effect.

Self-proclaimed mime enthusiast Musk also became interested in this cryptocurrency and even bought some Dogecoins for his son so that he could become a “toddler crypto owner.”

In addition, Musk stated that cryptocurrency could become the native currency of the internet and that Dogecoin is likely to become the currency when a human colony is eventually established on Mars.

As a result, trust in Elon Musk has waned a bit now, and Elon Musk’s manipulations seem to have been inconclusive. However, since this situation is so volatile, it is difficult to predict what will happen in the future!

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